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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 125

Submitted by kmeisthax on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 19:05 in ROM Hacking

Attention all Telefang Gamers! Crypto is in great danger and he needs your help! To defeat Domesday and save the Denjuu World. But to do this, he needs forty guns and a couple of Phone Cards. To help him, all he needs is your phone number, the three digits of your model, and the patches for Power and Speed. You'll also have to get the village some water. But, you gotta be quick, so that Crypto can secure the Tronco Village election and achieve the epic victory royal!

Old Natsume LogoNew Natsume Logo
  • Splash screen logo colors are now calculated dynamically, which makes them appear more accurate to the CGB version. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
    • BomBom was already perfect, so we didn't change it at all.
  • Displaying the status screen during an enemy encounter now correctly shows question marks where their stats should be, instead of nothing. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Displaying the status screen on SGB no longer assaults the viewer with a bright yellow flash. (Normmatt caught this one!)
Glitched menu colors when you exit the sound testFixed menu colors when exiting the sound test menu
  • We fixed an issue where the Title Menu showed incorrect attributes on SGB if you entered and exited the Sound Test menu option.
Example of an overlong battle messageWhat happens when we get an overlong line now
Unfortunately, it is not possible to experience this for yourself.
  • Phrases spoken by Denjuu in battle (e.g. when arriving or attacking) are now subject to automatic line narrowing for large phrases. This fixes an issue where a handful of Denjuu with long lines would draw outside of their intended area and corrupt other tiles. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
    • Right after this obskyr retranslated them so that they aren't long enough for this to be necessary.
  • This isn't a user-facing facility; but obskyr built an automatic formatting and preview system into our Google Sheets setup so that translators can see what their lines will look like right out of the gate without having to rebuild and relaunch the ROM.
  • We made some tweaks and grammatical fixes here and there in the translation. (All of these are obskyr)
    • Our translation is augmented. Again.
    • We changed 'bionic evolution' to 'augment evolution', since we decided on changing the term yet again shortly after last release.
    • "Lab evolution" is now "DNA evolution", too.
    • SMS translations have started being redone, and are all manually formatted to fit the SMS screen snugly.

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