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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 133

Submitted by kmeisthax on Sun, 07/14/2019 - 16:46 in ROM Hacking

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  • Fixed automatic personality actions (e.g. attacking automatically) being triggered when you back out of the Attack menu. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
    • This bug also exists in the official Japanese version of the game.
  • Fixed a bug preventing our no-RTC mode from working. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
Speed version Game Over screen on SGBPower version Game Over screen on SGB
  • Fixed a bug where text would render incorrectly after a game over. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Fixed incorrect graphics on the Melo-D numpad. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Fixed a bug where text would render incorrectly when quickly switching between Denjuu in battle. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Changed the options menu such that selecting a new window color immediately changes the displayed color on SGB. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Fixed the palette of enemy names in battle. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Fixed a bug where cancelling an attack from the target selection menu would cause graphical errors. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Fixed a bug where unknown moves on the status screen occasionally rendered incorrect pixels. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Special shoutout to Blaziken257 who has been doing a bang-up job testing the patch in all sorts of combinations of operating modes. Several of the bug fixes in this patch are the direct result of his bug-finding work.
A demonstration of overworld play on SGB modeA demonstration of the intro on SGBA demonstration of window-shopping in SGB modeA demonstration of SGB mode item selectionA demonstration of SGB mode augmentationA demonstration of field guide completion on SGB
  • A whole host of colorizations courtesy of andwhyisit:
    • Colorized the game over screen in SGB mode.
    • Colorized shop-related menus in SGB mode.
    • Colorized the Field Guide completion certificate in SGB mode.
    • Colorized the overworld in SGB mode.
  • Restored the colors of the Field Guide completion certificate in CGB mode. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Adjust the appearance of semicolons in our font. (Thanks, obskyr!)

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