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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 136

Submitted by kmeisthax on Tue, 10/15/2019 - 14:31 in ROM Hacking

"Do you guys not have social credit?!", he asked the audience in a faux-incredulous tone. In a lengthy diatribe, the principal designer for Telefang Mobile said "This is a fully fledged Telefang experience on mobile". He then explained the social credit system, in which people with a high enough score would be invited to a tournament. "If you're a responsible citizen, if you keep trust, if you respect and defend the pride of our country... you be able to play at the upcoming Telefang Invitationals." He then proceeded to distribute download codes for the Power and Speed versions of the game.

  • A whole host of bugfixes, courtesy of @andwhyisit:
    • Flash of two random tiles on winning a telefang fixed.
    • Cowardly or timid Denjuu fleeing no longer cause palette issues in SGB mode.
    • The logic to stop you from buying more than 99 of an item now works correctly when buying more than one item at once.
    • Stray blank miscoloured tiles in Zukan entries fixed in GBC/GB-mode.
    • Fixed a regression last release where the titlescreen intro animation never progressed past scene 1 in GBC/GB-mode.
  • @andwhyisit also implemented a handful of cross-language trading features. Due to various limitations, we cannot retain your nickname across versions, so we implemented some replacement rules:
    • When trading from English version to the Japanese version the game auto-nicknames Denjuu from a predefined list (said list is incomplete, but will be updated over time). This nickname list was provided by @obskyr, RacieB, @andwhyisit, DKFlamey, and @kmeisthax
    • When trading from the Japanese version to the English version nicknames are ignored and default nicknames are used instead.
    • When trading from the English version to another English version the game sends the full 10-character nickname.
    • All of these nickname transferring principles also apply to link battle defection/recruitment.
Scene 2 in SGB modeScene 4 in SGB modeScene 5 in SGB modeScene 6 in SGB Mode
  • @andwhyisit finished the remaining SGB screens:
    • Scene 2 of the titlescreen intro animation has been coloured in SGB mode.
    • Scene 4 of the titlescreen intro animation has been coloured in SGB mode.
    • Scene 5 of the titlescreen intro animation has been coloured in SGB mode.
    • Scene 6 of the titlescreen intro animation has been coloured in SGB mode.
    • With this release every screen in the game is coloured on the SGB.

Sanaeba claims that it's initial decision to ban the winner of the Telefang Invitational was not influenced by it's relationship with China. "The specific views expressed were not a factor in the decision we made.", writes the president of Sanaeba Entertainment. "However, we realized that freedom of speech isn't nearly as important as freedom of money, especially because speech is just a degenerate form of money." At press time, the president of Sanaeba Entertainment was seen destroying all his granddaughter's Winnie the Pooh merchandise.

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