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Patch Notes: Telefang Translation Project beta release 116 released

Submitted by kmeisthax on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 22:06 in ROM Hacking

These are the patch notes for beta release 116 of the Telefang Translation Project, a fan-made translation project to translate the Keitai Denjuu Telefang games into English. You can download the patch for Speed Version here, or Power Version here. Special thanks to Tulunk Village members obskyr, andwhyisit, and Kimbles for additional development and translation assistance!

This was originally intended to be purely a bugfix release, since andwhyisit did a bunch of useful QA work. But then, from out of nowhere, a new translator arrived and proceeded to clear out some of our translation backlog!

  • All of the villages of the Denjuu World got together and slightly modernized their names. Most of Telefang's place names are actually plant-themed, so we've changed "Toronko" to "Tronco", "Kurinon" to "Krinon", "Burion" to "Bryon", and so on. (Thanks, Kimbles!)
  • A number of Denjuu calls have been translated, including several quizzes that were surprisingly difficult to translate. There are still a few conversation chains that we haven't gotten to yet, or are still debating; but you should notice fewer instances of /0x134nnn/ whenever your Denjuu pals phone you up. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Some of the Index entries have been revised now. (Thanks, obskyr!)
We still need three-line zukan entries...
  • Denjuu types now appear correctly on the Index page. We also changed the existing abstract type graphic out. Now, on the Index page, it says "Habitat:", while the Contact/Status screen says "Type:". (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Unlocking a move on level-up no longer references the old, unused moves table. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • The level-up screen no longer has garbage tiles or abbreviations (mostly) in it. (Discovered by andwhyisit)
  • The names of Denjuu you enlist no longer get cutoff on the "Got X's phone number!" message. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
  • Denjuu that call you no longer have their names cut off on your D-Shot, and they will be centered.
  • Fixed no-RTC mode (again) so that new games don't start at midnight anymore (unless you want them). (Thanks andwhyisit, Shokupanda!)
  • Added a little music note glyph ♪ taken from one of the game's pre-release screenshots. Try and find where we hid it! (Thanks, obskyr!)

There's actually a fair number of changes we've planned, but haven't dropped yet. Most notably, we're planning to rename "Index" to "Field Guide". In Japanese, we use the word 「ずかん」(zukan), which roughly means an illustrated wildlife guide. If that sounds like a Pokédex, well, that's literally how Nintendo translated it. This oddly requires some programming work, since the menus are all graphical tiles and we've run out of space in VRAM, hence why it hasn't landed yet.

Also, in some number of months from now, we will start rolling German language Telefang patches courtesy of Shokupanda.

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