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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 119

Submitted by kmeisthax on Tue, 05/15/2018 - 21:08 in ROM Hacking

This is an extremely minor maintenance release for the Telefang translation project, mainly targeted at some minor bugs that have accrued over the past few releases. We're currently busy with a few other projects, and running out of easy bugfixes and unfinished work to complete. You can download the Power version IPS here, and the Speed version IPS here.

Map text overflowing 'cause we didn't check the sizeMap text condensed to fit it's container


  • Map names now autocondense to fit their container. This should fix tile overflows in the map screen.
  • Fixed a crash bug introduced last release when I fixed unsafe patch points. One of the patch points wasn't fixed properly, and would cause the game to randomly crash 10% of the time.
    • It's more like it crashed 100% of the time, but in a way that would return to normal execution by accident in most cases.
  • Fixed UI messages where Yes/No wasn't properly aligned to the selection icon. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
The key item message is brokenThe key item message now working

"Obtained" is supposed to be right-aligned, which doesn't work here in a technical or visual sense

  • Fixed the key item obtain message being improperly formatted. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
    • The original Japanese release used spaces to manually format the message, which isn't kosher when proportional fonts are at play.
    • We considered centering the text to retain the same emphasis, but the existing text-centering routines are designed to handle string buffers, not a full message.

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