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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 130

Submitted by kmeisthax on Mon, 04/15/2019 - 21:08 in ROM Hacking

The Denjuu World Commission, the Denjuu Union's executive body, has approved a long-gestating major reform to antenna tree law, which had already been passed by the Denjuu Parliament last month. "With today's agreement, we are making antenna tree rules fit for the cellular age. The Denjuu World will now have clear rules that guarantee fair remuneration for cellular companies, strong signals for users and responsibility for villages.", said Denworld Commission president Nerikara. You can obtain the full legal patch of the Power ruling or the Speed ruling here.

  • Thanks to @obskyr, you can now continue your adventure in the Denjuu World into Paparouna Lake!
A demonstration of colorized recruitmentA demonstration of colorized naming
  • SGB colorization has been added for the recruitment and nicknaming screens. (Thanks, @andwhyisit!)
A demonstration of entering 8-character nicknamesA contact screen with an eight-character Denjuu nickname already entered
  • Denjuu nicknames have been expanded to 10 characters. (Thanks, @andwhyisit!)
    • However, Denjuu nickname input is still limited to 8 characters. This is still an increase of two; UI limitations prohibit us from extending them further for now.
    • Your saves are still compatible between all versions of the game.
    • The nickname screen is no longer prefilled with a species name. Instead, if you enter no nickname, then the species name will be used.
  • Naming screen keyboard behavior has been tweaked to more resemble mobile phone input. (Thanks, @andwhyisit!)
    • The keyboard now automatically shifts from uppercase to lowercase when you press a key.
    • This matches the behavior of slightly-smarter flip phones; you can just type "shigeki" and get a properly capitalized name instead of "SHIGEKI" in all caps.
    • The keyboard also moves the cursor to the next character slot a short time after each key press. This, also a feature of many phone keyboards, lets you enter repeated characters without having to move the cursor manually.

The overhaul contains two controversial provisions that will make villages liable for illegal theft of water, as well as force Sanaeba and other pharmaceutical companies to pay cellular companies for antenna trees they plant.

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