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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 134

"I wouldn't be surprised if this update has the most changes of any update..."

Submitted by kmeisthax on Wed, 08/14/2019 - 22:50 in ROM Hacking

The Federal Aviation Administration has banned certain 15-inch D-Book Pros with potentially defective batteries from US flights. The move, which follows Sanaeba's June recall announcement, is part of a general FAA policy on devices with defective batteries. "Sanaeba is aware of a very small number of older generation D-Books which contain a battery that may overheat and pose a safety risk. Customers should go here for Speed model battery recalls, and here forĀ Power model battery recalls.

  • The translation has been updated! You can now play in English up until near the end of Mt. Peperi. Additional translation tweaks have been made. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • Translation text has been adjusted to prevent misformatting due to our automatic formatting tools triggering on manually formatted lines. (Thanks, obskyr!)
  • In outdoor areas the primary palette had been made to change when transitioning from one acre to the next. (Thanks, andwhyisit!)
SGB2 tradingSGB2 connection screenSGB2 link main menuSGB2 versus connection screenSGB2 trade screenSGB2 Melo-D transfer
  • The following screens have been newly colorized in SGB mode thanks to andwhyisit:
    • Trade selection screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Trade defection/recruitment screens coloured in SGB mode.
    • Melo-D transfer send/receive screens coloured in SGB mode.
    • Melo-D transfer screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Pre-trade connection screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Pre-battle connection screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Link menu screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Link connection screen coloured in SGB mode.
    • Link error screen coloured in SGB mode.
Original sprite, which is incorrectFixed sprite
  • Eryngo no longer uses a Gaiurus sprite in Toulipa Antenna Tree. This was a Japanese version bug that was fixed thanks to andwhyisit.
  • The following bugs have been squashed thanks to andwhyisit:
    • The background colour of the incoming caller name was fixed in SGB mode.
    • The darkest colour of the main overworld palette in SGB mode was made to always be black.
    • The SGB mode colours were fixed for a number of dungeons. (Thanks, Blaziken257)
    • Returning from the status screen to the summon screen when there is only one denjuu available for selection no longer causes a sprite-based explosion.
    • Win/lose text at the end of battle no longer has palette issues in SGB mode.
    • Quickly scrolling the summon screen the moment it loads no longer causes text bugs.
    • Closing the map screen while the location window is still printing the location name no longer causes text bugs.
    • Recovering health in the HUD no longer causes lag in SGB mode.
    • The trade defection screen now no longer calls your traded denjuu "Tsunonasu".
    • The habitat now clears properly when returning from the status screen to the trade selection screen.
    • The window border no longer glitches on certain phone calls.
    • The "no items" shop screen no longer has stray white blocks in SGB mode.
    • Lines that are greater than 126px in length in the message box no longer cause graphical issues.
    • Stray characters no longer appear on occasion to the left of the habitat name when switching between Zukan entries.
    • Pressing the A button repeatedly on the Zukan page no longer causes text rendering issues.
    • Stray tiles on the level up screen fixed.
    • Erratically blinking clock fixed.
    • The shop is less lag-prone in SGB mode.
    • The map screen window no longer flashes white in SGB mode.
    • The "X obtained" message now shows the correct item name.
    • The send/receive options for Melo-D transfer are now aligned correctly.

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