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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 140

He Has 17,700 D-Shots and Nowhere to Sell Them

Submitted by kmeisthax on Sun, 03/15/2020 - 17:37 in ROM Hacking

Sanaeba and other online-commerce platforms are trying to stop their sellers from making excessive profits from a public health crisis. While the companies aimed to discourage people from hoarding D-Shots and jacking up their prices, many sellers had already cleared out their local stores and started selling the goods online. Now, both the Speed version and Power version shelves are nearly empty.

Demonstration of visual bug on the shop screenDemonstration of visual bug on the augment screen
  • Fixed a visual bug in various places caused by overflow on the item name "Bow and Arrow" (Thanks, @andwhyisit, and @Blaziken257 for finding this issue)
    • When rendering this particular bit of UI, if the name is longer than the tiles allocated to it, it will begin to draw over other bits of UI, depending on how long the name is.
    • The bug was fixed by adding an extra tile of space for the name in the UI, allowing it to fit longer names.
    • The bug was then mitigated by renaming the item to fit within the visual frame allocated by the UI. This moots the previous fix.
    • This visual bug could be encountered both in shops as well as when selecting an item to augment a Denjuu with.
  • Fixed a bug where the skip button on the attract sequence / intro failed to work on screens 5 and 6 in SGB mode. (Thanks @andwhyisit, and @Blaziken257 for finding this issue)
Demonstration of the white box on the link battle summon screenThe entire broken status screen transition
  • Fixed several issues caused during the transition from the status screen into the link battle summon screen when playing on SGB: (Thanks, @andwhyisit for fixing, and @Blaziken257 for finding, these issues)
    • When transitioning out of the status screen, palettes would unload, causing the screen to change to grayscale. This has been fixed by removing the unload, as all screens that this transitions to are now colorized.
    • When transitioning into the link battle summon screen (from any screen), a white box would appear where the "Call up to 3! SELECT: Status" text would ordinarily appear, for a few seconds. This was fixed by redrawing the tiles in question with the correct color before the fade-in.
    • Both issues are only present with the combination of SGB mode and link battles.
The wrong phone number for CryptoThe correct phone number for Crypto.

The image on the left is incorrect, the one on the right is correct.

  • Fixed a visual bug where the wrong phone number would display when a Denjuu is recruited. (Thanks @andwhyisit, and @Blaziken257 for finding this issue)
    • This bug has been present since Patch v132.
A three line field guide entryThe bug that results from reading the three-line entry

The image on the right used to result from viewing a Field Guide entry such as the one on the left.

  • Fixed a visual bug where exiting the Field Guide from anything other than the last page of an entry no longer has the chance of causing text rendering issues with centred text. (Thanks @andwhyisit, and @Blaziken257 for finding this issue)

To regulators and many others, the sellers are sitting on a stockpile of communication equipment during a pandemic. The attorney general's offices in Cactos, Panses, and Freesia are all investigating price gouging relating to the virus. An official at the Panses attorney general's office said the agency believed it could apply the village's consumer-protection law to sue platforms or sellers, even if they aren't in Panses, as long as they were trying to stockpile curry.

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