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Patch Notes: Telefang English Translation beta release 145

Submitted by kmeisthax on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 19:32 in ROM Hacking

The latest shot in the US Government's war on leading Denjuu World smartphone vendors is directed at Sanaeba, which today has landed on the US Government's list of "Communist Barran Military Companies" via a new executive order. The declaration makes it illegal for US citizens to own Sanaeba stock, or use their Speed or Power model D-Shots.

A screenshot of the loading screen for the contact listing
  • Load time improvements when opening the contact selection screen courtesy @andwhyisit
  • Question reformatting, new phone call translations, & other translation changes courtesy @obskyr
    • @andwhyisit also contributed a rewrite of our translation preview tool which facilitated the reformatting.

Sanaeba has issued a response on SMS, saying it "is not owned, controlled, or affiliated with the Barran military, and is not a 'Communist Barran Military Company' as defined by the NDAA".

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